At the recent conference, Facebook has announced that WhatsApp will get some interesting updates soon. So below ate five features of WhatsApp you should look at.

WhatsApp group video calling:

This particular feature is already available for some of iOS and Android users, its look like it will be available for all users soon. This feature will available during one-on-one video calling, the user will see an icon on the top right corner of the screen, where the user will able to add some other users on running video call.

Group restricts feature:

This new feature will only allow Group Admins to send messages to the group, while all other group members will only able to see these messages. This feature will allow group admin the power that, without permission, no members from WhatsApp group will able to sens any pictures, GIFs, and videos. 

Request account info feature:

This feature will allow the user to make a report of their WhatsApp account information and settings, which can be accessed through another app. In this report, the user will allow collecting contact information, their privacy settings, user’s phone number, previous IP address, and profile pictures. The user will not able to collect any personal information with this feature. 

Share on the Facebook feature:

This simple feature will allow the user to share their Facebook content with WhatsApp. Facebook is reportedly working on this feature, while there is no official confirmation that how it is going to work. Simple you will see some more option on facebook post share button, there will be an option like “Send in WhatsApp”, with this you will able to send the content you want to send on WhatsApp. This whole content will be in the form of the link, as you click the send in WhatsApp button you will directly send down to WhatsApp with a generated link, to option with whom you want to send this information.

Chat filters:

This new feature will allow Android WhatsApp business app user to search messages very quickly. This new feature will work with the broadcast message, group chats, and unread chats.

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