ZTE 5G Smartphone


The Shenzhen-based company is now planning to release ZTE 5G Smartphone in US by early 2019, as per Bloomberg report.
As per report this comes out when recently the company’s CEO interviewed at CES in Las Vegas,US.So according to the news company is thinking
to commercialize its in 2018 final quarter.But this all yet to confirmed as actual availability of 5G mobile networks in United States.


Mr. Cheng said company is focusing on deliver the one smartphone which would be compatible with next wireless technology like 12 monhts from now. And also explore the options in tablet.According to the same report ZTE may continue the partnership with AT&T and Verizon for its first very new 5G smartphone,Though that seems like a probable scenario, especially as both of the largest carriers in the country are set to start commercializing
new mobile service technologies late this year, though only AT&T claims it will deliver a true wireless service to select cities,whereas Verizon’s 2018 deployment efforts will only see the introduction of a more limited, router-reliant 5G Fixed Wireless Access solution.

AT&T also promised to launch a 5G-enabled device that will be able to take advantage of its new service in late 2018 but didn’t name its manufacturer. ZTE has less presence in United States, and most of the market sustained through selling the smartphones along with prepaid plans of Verizon and AT&T.

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Source : bloomberg & Android Headlines

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