Xiaomi Miija Smart Home Aqara Security Kit – Expert Thoughts

Nowadays every gadget used I home get digitalized, everywhere people are using more and more digital products from speakers to Security. Mostly house products related to security and safety are getting more popular among us. Every companies are in the race of making the digital product, Xiaomi is the leading company who is making this type of product in the wide range. Today we are going to talk about one product that can actually help you at home called Xiaomi Miija Smart Home Aqara Security Kit.

Xiaomi Miija Smart Home Aqara Security Kit – Expert Thoughts

What is Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Security Kit?

This is set of three useful gadgets from Xiaomi which makes your life easier.

  • Multifunctional Gateway Remote Control
  • Window Door Sensor Set
  • Smart Wireless Switch

Xiaomi mijia Smart Home Aqara Security SetMultifunctional Gateway Remote Control – It is the device which helps you to customized your daily need. You can set up MP3 songs as your doorbell, you can set up recorded voice as your doorbell, you can also use this as internet radio broadcast, you have the option to select from 16 million light color variation.

No need to switch light manually at midnight just set this remote device near to your bed and it will automatically on the light whenever you passes through it. It can connect with almost 30 smart devices with more useful features. Interestingly you can control this device from App installed on your mobile.

Verdict – In this busy life schedule, this device will give you extra smooth experience even in the night.

Xiaomi mijia Smart Home Aqara Security Set

Window Door Sensor Set – This is the more interesting device which will give you extra security into your hand. It has sensors for doors and windows which allow you a better life with comforts. A door sensor set is useful in the way that, whenever door open it will switch the light on and will give you welcome sound. You can manually set the voice you want to hear at the time of open and close the door. The door sensor is useful whenever someone tries to unlock the house, it will start ringing and recording video from camera. It can connect with xiaomi Air Purifier which will provide you automatically clear air with its sensor. You can also connect it to the app installed on your phone. Through the app, you can connect it to another smart device in your home.

Verdict – Xiaomi’s window door set is a very useful device in terms of security. It is the perfect combination of security and comfortness.

Xiaomi mijia Smart Home Aqara Security Set

Smart Wireless Switch – This is the main part of this all smart gadgets from the device. It can control all this devices in one switch. There is some best useful feature of this device mentioned below.

  • One key control over all smart device connected with this. You can ring the alarm in the bedroom for your children or your partner whenever you want.
  • In midnight you need to press only a single key to turn on the light
  • Whenever you want to go outside of the house this one key will give you the power to turn off the all smart appliance.

Verdict – This is the must-have gadget if you want to use any smart appliance in your house because it can control all that device with one press only.

Price and Availability:

Xiaomi Mijja Smart Home Aqara Security Kit is available on Gearbest at $58.32. To get extra discount use this coupon.

Coupon – HNYear487

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