World AIDS Day 2018 – Theme, Slogans, and Awareness

World AIDS Day is observed on 1st December of every year since 1988. This day we spread awareness for AIDS towards the whole world. World Health Organization (WHO) has joined this iconic day under the theme “Know Your Status”.

Today, is 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day towards the world, a iconic campaign first started by WHO in 1988. 

World AIDS Day 2018 Theme:

Every year AIDS day campaign has a specific theme in order to spread awareness. This year Worlds AIDS Day theme is “Know Your Status“. Which was “My health, My Right”last year. 

It is estimated that only 75% people with HIV know that they are infected. This means there are 94 million people out there, they are not aware of their status. And this specific theme is just for this reason that people understand the importance of people getting tested for HIV. 

Today we encourage people to test their blood to their nearer Gov. as well as private health center. As some people don’t check up blood in illness or some other reason. Specially in India people look this as a shameful act, so in India we have to do more in order to spread awareness about this. 

Apple’s Contribution towards World AIDS Day with Red Products:

Telecom Giant company Apple has announced $1 help to the AIDS day from every Apple Pay purchase made at Apple Store, or through the App, or the website. 

To the Red products, the company will also donate 50% of profit from every red product sold from Apple which describes itself as a “partnership organization designed to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics.” 

To all who don’t know that Apple pushes this day every year with different type of help. 

Slogans on World AIDS Day 2018:

  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
  • “One in four people with HIV don’t know they have it; know your risks= know your status”
  • “Prevention is better than cure. Especially when something has no cure.”
  • “Safe sex or no sex; it’s your life that’s at stake”
  • “Be beautiful! Be smart! Be stylish! But, protect yourself”

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