Facebook-owned company WhatsApp is preparing a new feature that will allow its user t share their own status to their Facebook story. As for now sharing stories on social media is getting much popular, the company is going to give you access to share status on other platforms.

Instagram is also working on the feature, where a user on Instagram will able to share their stories to Facebook. Also, the user will able to share their story with the link to their friends, even if they are not on Instagram.

WhatsApp has released a new Android 2.19.151 Beta update, that brings new features like share to Facebook and QR code. Wabetainfo has also reported that WhatsApp user will soon get “Add to Facebook story” button. This will allow the user to share their status directly to the Facebook story, only if the user has installed the official Facebook app.

Expanding more to the first feature, as a user can share a story with image, GIF, video or image, without an automatic process. In order to use this feature, the user has to do this manually. Another QR code feature is for business purpose, where the user will able to create their own QR code in order to share their phone number as reported. For now, we are unable to get more details about this second feature, but our team will get back to you soon, with this new feature.

Both these new features are expected to come very soon on your WhatsApp with new update.

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