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Microsoft owned product Swift key has introduced a new feature that can actually allow user to web search without leaving the app. Now you don’t need to open a separate app to quick search about anything you are discussing with someone, you can search from your keyboard and you can send it to the person. 

Swift key is a popular keyboard app with every Android user is familiar, not because it is from Microsoft, but because it has some of best features any user want. As it is from Microsoft, don’t get surprised if you get Bing as a default browser. 

To use this ultimate feature, the user needs to tap on “+”, on the top left corner of the keyboard to search any query on the web. This feature can be very useful when someone sends you something while chatting, that is out of your knowledge and you have to quick reply. With this, you can also translate or find the meaning of any other language word you are discussing. More, you can check/share weather condition on a tap while discussing, you can share any important news on the web with one tap. 

The user can send anything they want from web to the person, they can share a link or a screenshot of information. This new version of SwiftKey is available in 11 countries right now including India. You can download this latest updates app directly from the play store. Unfortunately, IOS users have to wait for some time. 

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