Apple is reportedly working on the feature for its upcoming iPhone, which other company have adopted on their phone from early 2018. According to a report published on Macrumors, the upcoming iPhone will support, Samsung’s dual audio like feature, where the user will allow to connect two different Bluetooth accessories at the same time.

Expanding more to these features, iPhone X and other models already support this dual Bluetooth connection support with some limitation. You can connect two different Bluetooth accessories to the iPhone, but from the one you can choose only media and audio profile and from another you can choose call-related features.

Upcoming iPhone will able to connect two different Bluetooth accessories, where the user will able to connect headphone and car with Bluetooth at the same time. And the user will also able to transmit GPS signals to car audio systems and also user will able to use audio to headphones.

Apart from this, upcoming iPhone of 2019, will not support 3D Touch, also iPhone 11R will have some RAM related improvements. The three variants are expected from the company with 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED panel, and 6.1-inch LCD panel.

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