Top 5 Best Skateboards For Kids

skateboards for kids

“Product we list here, that are tested from our team members, and after that we are shortlisted some of the best products from the market.”

If you are planing to buy a skateboard for your children, and confused about the right brand and right product, then checkout our list of top 10 best skateboards for kids.

There are serval types of skateboard available in the market. we have categories this list in main three types: Retro, Classic and Snake. Starting from classic skateboards, which is widely used these days. No age required to use this types of skateboards. Coming to retro skateboards, this types of skateboards have larger pads and wheels. These skateboards are only for someone who know the skills of skateboards, not suitable for kids. Snake skateboards are also not suitable for kids, because it comes with only one wheel and requires much more skill. So if your kid is just a beginner and wants a skateboard, then we suggest you go with the classic type of skateboard.

Top 5 best skateboards for kids

  • ENKEEO 22-inch cruiser skateboards with bendable deck and smooth PU caster for kids, 220lbs
  • RIMABLE complete 22″ skateboard
  • Meketec Skateboard 22″ complete for kids
  • Fisherprice Grow-to-Pro, 3-in-1 skateboard for kids
  • Hikole Skateboard -31 x 8″ Complete Pro Skateboard

ENKEEO 22-inch cruiser skateboards with bendable deck and smooth PU caster for kids, 220lbs

skateboards for kids

  • PRE-ASSEMBLED COMPLETE: this fully assembled cruiser is designed for your convenience, it is ready to ride right out of the box, which is great for children, youth, and adult.
  • COMPACT YET STRONG: 22″ Long x 6” Wide; it features a compact body to withstand up to 220 lbs, and you can even put it into a bag and take it anywhere with ease.
  • STURDY DECK: the deck is constructed with durable and bendable polypropylene to last long, adding stability and comfort to your riding experience.
  • LONG LASTING CASTERS: 4 casters are made of resistant PU for a long-term use, and they are also large and soft to support your skateboarding on the different street surface.
  • FITS EVERYONE: with CE certification, this well-built skateboard is safe to ride and suitable for any level of riders, no matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider.

If you want a best mid-range skateboard around 25USD then this skateboard is ideal for you. The skateboard is available on Amazon at 25USD.

Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

skateborad for kids

1.Attractive and Amazing Pattern Print on the Board.Rimable’s 22inch board is available in a variety of colors and designs. These boards are a popular fashion accessory for teenagers and young adults, influencing clothing styles, music and street culture. They are often seen in places frequented by young people, such as university campuses and skate parks. You can even ride them barefoot! They are the perfect transportation, to replace walking. Maximum weight capacity is 198 pounds. Adults and children alike can use the board.

2. Durable Material makes it become the whole family skateboard.
Solid 3inch Aluminum Truck, Thick 100% Fresh Material Deck and Smooth Bearing and PU Wheels. All these make it easy to Ride. So the beginners have a Good Choice, Children and Parents Can play it together, Even can make a Family Race!

3.Affordable Price.
Everyone has a skating dream, The high cost makes it only is a dream. Rimable have broken the constraint, help more people to try this sports.

Again if you have a budget under $30, then this Rimable Skateboard is the best option for your child.

Merkapa Skateboard 22″ complete for kids

skateboards for kids

  • This skateboard is the best option for your kid which comes with LED lights on the wheel, which does not require any batteries to charge. It charges from rotary motion of wheels.
  • It is made of classic mini cruiser deck, which is 22-inch long and 6-inch wide. 60 x 45 mm PU wheel 78A, with super shock absorption and fine abrasion resistance, great grip, and more comfort.

It is also available on Amazon at $32 which is value for money.

Fisherprice Grow-to-Pro, 3-in-1 skateboard for kids

skateboards for kids

Beginners get the fun rolling with help from the handle and the height-adjustable skateboard deck that’s set low to the ground for extra balance and stability. When kids are ready to move up, it’s easy to remove the handle for hands-free skateboarding fun—with the extra stability of the low set board. For ‘pros,’ raise the height of the skateboard deck for totally awesome boarding action This 3 in 1 skateboard is easy to adjust from low to high, just slide the wheels out for beginners, and in for ‘pros.’

Get the fun rolling with this totally awesome skateboard that grows along with your child. Easy-peasy to convert! Slide wheels out for beginners, and in for ‘pros.‘, Get the fun rolling with help from the handle and the height-adjustable skateboard deck that’s set low to the ground for extra balance and stability.

This 3-in-one skateboard is available at $39 on Amazon. As for its features, we can say this product will be the best value for money product for you.

Hikole Skateboard -31 x 8″ Complete Pro Skateboard

skateboards for kids

  • STUNTS — 31″x 8″ full-size double kick concave design; Ideal for BEGINNER doing some basic stunts such 360’s, OL action and a few other basic tricks.
  • DURABLE — High density 9 layer Canadian maple wood classical TRICKS skateboard; Max supporting weight 220 lbs(100KG), suitable for adult kids age 5 yr up.
  • COMPLETE — No assembly required – complete profession skateboard, 1 YEAR WARRANTY.
  • SMOOTH — Super smooth 55mm 85A PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushings; Suitable for skater skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground.
  • GRIP TAPE — High-quality black grip tape on the board which provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating on the wood skateboard.

This pro Hikole skateboard is suitable for almost all age, and it works really well on every surface. We have also noticed that this skateboard is a most durable skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skateboards

1. What is good age for Skateboards?

Children under 5 years should never try skateboards, as we highly recommend age for a skateboard in after 10 years. Children between 5 to 0 years should try a professional training for skateboards. Skateboards can give you some major injury or some permanent injury so that you should take professional training before you start.

2. What is Penny Skateboards?

skateboards for kids

Penny boards are the type of plastic skateboards, because its made of plastic its called Penny boards. Penny boards are lightweight but are incredibly strong to ride.

3. How much does Skateboards cost?

Classic skateboards start from $40 to $400, depends upon the quality of material used to make the skateboards.

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