Soulija Boy’s game Console is Available on Aliexpress and Soulijawatch at $149.

soulija boy game console

A Chicago based 28 years old raper has jumped into gaming console industry with Soulija Boy Game Console and Handheld. We have watched famous Crank that and Superman that like raps from Soulija Boy and giggled it over the years, but now this guy has revealed Soulija Boy Game Console and Handheld.

soulija boy game console

Both products are available on and at a starting price of $149. SoulijaGame Console is available at $149 and SouljaGame Handheld is available at $99 on Soulija Boy’s personal storefront called SoulijaWatch.

soulija boy game console

According to the listing, both products are developed by Anbernic, which is a company that sells its products exclusively on Aliexpress. Thos both products are available on Aliexpress with different names and with higher prices for international shipping. 

Coming to specs for SoulijaGame Console, it is labeled as HD Game Console model, which measures 20 x 16 x 4cm and weighs 1.2KG. It is available in White only color option. 

It supports PS / NEOGEO / PC / SEGA / GBA / NES types video games, also it comes with inbuilt 800 games in it. 

Soulija Handheld comes with in built display and physical operating button with 14.6 x 6.6 x 2.1cm dimentions and 0.35Kg of weight. 

It also supports Switch / 3DS / Vita / NEOGEO / GBC / Gameboy / GBA Handheld Game Players types of games, also you can connect it to TV to play games on big screen. It comes with built-in 3000+ games on it. 

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