OnePlus 5 New Images Leaked With Horizontal Dual Rear Camera With 8.0GB RAM

Receltly we have posted about OnePlus 5 which was posted on AnTuTu Benchmark with 6GB RAM and single rear camera and we have also posted specs of OnePlus 5 from rumors that have dual camera in vertical position which has 8GB RAM.Now new images leaked on internet that are showing OnePlus 5 has dual rear camera with horizontal position same as in Iphone 7 Plus.

It’s look like OnePlus 5  getting more rumored that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ since it has comes to rumor market we have different more than 4 specs shit and more than 6 type of different images.Below are some new images of OnePlus 5 which is look like Iphone 7Plus.

There are four images in which first three are showing that it has dual rear camera in horizontal position and last image is previously leaked image which is showing that it has vertical position rear camera.

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OnePlus is posted on AnTuTu Benchmark with 6GB of RAM.

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full specs shit leaked before here.



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