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Future Features WhatsApp

Five Future Features of WhatsApp You Should Look At

At the recent conference, Facebook has announced that WhatsApp will get some interesting updates soon. So below ate five features of WhatsApp you should look at. WhatsApp group video calling: This particular feature is already available for some of iOS and Android users, its look

Version LG G5 Start Receiving Security Updates

LG Flagship LG G5 which was launched last year,receiving new security updates with new tweaks and some fixes on Version’s network.It is not only update for security patch level for April but it will also start helping phone’s performance and some issues which device has

You Can Pin Chat On WhatsApp Beta Android Version

WhatsApp has featuring new technology with its beta version that you will able to Pin any chat on your WhatsApp application.Pining chat on WhatsApp allow you every pin chat on top of your chat results,which will reduce time for opening your favorite person’s chat on