Metal Madness Mod APK For Unlimited Money

Download a trending game named Metal Madness mod apk with unlimited money to upgrade your game. Are you the action lover person? , then Metal Madness will worth your time to play. Come to the world of cars with metal, imagine a metal car with fully loaded weapons and a speed booster mountain, and you have to win the race by taking your enemies down.

Actually, one movie named Death Race just crossed my mind I think of this game. You know the movie of Jason Statham where all prisoners modified their car with a deadly weapon with one partner, where they have to kill their enemy with their cars and they have to win the race with different laps. Metal Madness will you the same amount of thrill when you play this game.

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Episode Mod APK – Download unlimited passes and gems


Burn rubber, foes, and metal!
All kinds of different weapons: flamethrowers, rocket launchers, plasma guns, Tesla guns, and more. A bloodbath of online action and team battles awaits!

Get a better rig!
12 detailed vehicles with unique abilities, light speed demons, off-road armored vehicles like battle tanks, supercars, and huge monsters (retro cars with atomic engines!)

Real online PVP
Survive in online PVP METAL MADNESS MAX. It’s a game where tactics and leadership are equally important. Put the pedal to the metal and fry your foes in their armor! Yes, your vehicle’s arsenal is that cool!

Heroes of overdrive fights!
Leaderboards and medals for mad death racers and crazy vehicle killers. Just like in a real fight, you can be a hero and outdo your opponents in style!

Hardcore game modes
Crashes, destruction, brutality, and wild action! Band together in teams and snatch resources. You choose how you take out your foes!

Arenas for death matches!
Wheel around a cyberpunk city of the future, hold death races in the desert, and turn your opponents into metal. It’s kill or be killed!

Gorgeous 3D graphics and effects!
The game is optimized to run on even the weakest devices! Epic explosions and awesome action in cars! It’s hard to believe that an online game can have automobile graphics this good!

Daily quests and no energy!
Participate in as many fights as you want! Racing action and thousands of players from the US, China, Russia, Japan, Germany, and more!

Total freedom!
Killer adrenaline in a strong chassis. The vehicles were made to demolish foes’ and their rigs. Let the games begin! Turn the madness to the max! It’s time to tour the death!

Intuitive controls
Intuitive controls on phones and tablets, plus
the interface allows you to go into battle in the auto arena at full speed!

Graphics options for less powerful phones!
Got an less powerful telephone or tablet? Select graphics settings from
low to high!

In this game, you also need to be superior by upgrade your cars weapons, and some other parts that give you extra power to take down your enemy. And this extra power comes with real money, you should buy some upgradation with money. In this Moded game, you will get unlimited money to upgrade your games and parts.

Download Metal Madness Mod APK game with unlimited free tokens and money

metal madness mod apk
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Below is the link to get your hacked version of Metal Madness mode game, where you can get better rig, like 12 detailed vehicles with unique abilities. Unlimited items will let upgrade your vehicle’s armor.

Generally we do not suggest you to go with Mod version of any game, because at some points it can be a invitation to some viruses and bad data that can harm you computer as well as Android device. But if you still insist, then go with below link and download Metal Madness Mod APK to get all this.

==> NB: Please note that we typically don’t support downloading APK apps because of the danger it brings and the unknown virus that might find its way to your device. But if you still insist, then you can go ahead and follow the instructions below to download the mod version directly.


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