Kernal Source For Redmi 4 Prime Officially Released

To All Redmi Prime users,Kernal Source For Prim 4 is officially released,

All unofficial developers now get the base source,for Redmi 4 Prime,They can easily develop custom ROM for your Redmi Note 4 with less Risk in having bugs and issues.

Lets Some Explaination about Kernal Source which i also don’t know what is kernal source why Redmi released this source.

So what is Kernal Source?

The kernel is the raw material to build an operating system. It will be used by developers to build custom ROMs for Mi 4i.

There are many developer which are unoficially develop custome ROM and their software updates,Android devices use the Linux kernel, but it’s not the exact same kernel other Linux-based operating systems use.

There’s a lot of Android specific code built in. Apart from Google, OEMs have to contribute as well because they need to develop hardware drivers for the parts they’re using which is again based on the kernel version they’re using.  This is why it takes a while for independent Android developers to port new versions to older devices and get everything working.

Drivers written to work with the KitKat kernel on a phone won’t necessarily work with the Lollipop kernel.  And that’s important because one of the kernel’s main functions is to control the hardware.  It’s a whole lot of source code, but in the end it’s just the link between the hardware and the software.

When software needs the hardware to do anything, it sends a request to the kernel.  Yes! Anything. Task like reducing volume, press back key, long pressing the icon or home screen. Both the hardware and the software communicate both ways with the kernel, and that’s how your phone knows when to do something. It’s like how your brain and body works. They communicate with each other flawlessly to perform the tasks.

In simple words there are developer that actually create custom updates and create volume on your device on their requirement.

There is whole explanation on official MIUI site,Please go through this Link.








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