Huawei launches Smart Glass: AI Assistance, Built-in Speakers, NFC, Bluetooth and More

Huawei has launched its latest flagship phone Huawei P30 today in Paris in an event. With this phone, the company has launched smart eyeglasses which can make calls and play music. The New Huawei smart Glasses comes with a built speaker, Bluetooth, NFC, and IP67 ratings. This product is an outcome of the partnership of eye specialist Gental Monster and Huawei.

This eye glass is not a clone of Google glasses, it is totally different from it with its look and features. This is not a bigger look glass which makes you uncomfortable in regular use.

The all new Huawei Smart Glass will allow the user to make calls, play music, and to use virtual assistants. The device comes with a built-in speaker which is placed on the ear side panel of the glass. It also comes with NFC, so that user can make payments through it. The device is Bluetooth enables so that you can connect it with your phone to receive the calls and to use some other functions. Talking to its built quality, it is IP67 certified, so that user will have no worry about its use in water also.

It come with charging case, which use NFC based charging technology, which is world’s first claimed by the company.

The availability and price of the product is not revealed yet by the company. But the company is planinng to sell it globally starting from July. For more news updates, stay tuned with us.


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