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Hey,It is full review of Huawei Honor 8 which i have bought from Amazon,it is very late to review about Honor 8 since it’s pro version has launched in India with 29,999Rs only on Amazon.But honestly i have bought it a week ago,Actually i have small budget under 20K so,I have choose Honor 8.

There was many choices for me,Actually i was Iphone user from last 5 years,but i can not afford latest iphone with this price range,i was thinking about Iphone SE which was at 21,999Rs on Flipkart but previously have Iphone 5S so i have decided to buy something new in design.

So lets begin for review of Huawei Honor 8.


Huawei Honor 8 is full version of Honor 8 Lite launched back in July 2016 internationally,it has started selling at 29,999Rs of price tag.Today it sells at 17,850 to 24500Rs price tag on Amazon,i can not under stand why its price changes every day,Actually i have bought White pearl color but i want to buy Sapphire Blue color but there was 3,000Rs price difference in between this colors,So i have decided to buy pear white at 18,888Rs.

I am not taking too much time for reviewing this phone,Lets start from Pros and cons which i have listed upper.


I have firstly put Design as best feature for Huawei Honor 8,Believe me it has fabulous design with best glass on back side,which is very reflective and looks very decent on your hand.I have seen Sapphire blue color which was extra ordinary in look,but Pear white also has its own look which is very gorgeous.There are four colors available for Huawei Honor 8 as Pearl White,Gold,Sapphire Blue and Black.Unfortunately Black color is not available in Indian market.

After a back glass it also has dual rear camera on back glass which is placed inside of glass,also a dual LED flash right side at the camera looks great.It has Metal body at edges with dull finish and side buttons for lock screen and volume up-down also made of metal which is good.

Over all it feels very smooth while using and looks great as compare to iphone or other smart phones available at this cost in market.

2.Dual Rear Camera:

I am getting big fan of Huawei Honor 8,Seriously it has great camera at back and front also.Specially dual rear camera is awesome as compare to Iphone 5S i have used before.

As it has 12MP dual rear camera with one monochrome sensor and second is normal sensor,with mixing of this two sensor it makes huge impact on camera quality.It also has 8MP front camera which has very good quality with beauty mode.

As i have used rear camera with different mode,its like no more need for another camera at some occasion,Huawei Honor 8 will full-fill your all need for normal photography hobby.

I have compare its camera with Oppo F1s which is known as Selfie Expert,and also have 16MP front camera,I found Huawei Honor 8 has good camera quality then Oppo f1s with only 8MP sensor.there is no comparison for rear camera with Oppo F1S,Because Huawei Honor 8 beat Oppo very easily.

There is some difficulty that you can not shoot 4K video shooting and lack of optical image stabilization,it takes some time to focus object while shooting video.

There is one feature which allow you clicking better pics from back camera is that,No need to focus object while capturing you can do it latter.

Over all Huawei Honor 8 is best option for camera phone at this price.I will suggest you to buy this phone with 20k to 23K.That is going to enough for this phone.

We are going to start Youtube Channel for reviewing latest phones, So we will review it on YouTube soon.

3.Fast Charging

A year ago i have bought phone named Motorola Moto G Turbo which gives me actual definition of fast charging, After that i found Huawei which is also providing fast charging in Honor 8.

Firstly i m going to tell you Huawei is providing 2 Ampere charger dock and Type C USB cable which is very good. I have checked its fast charging quality, It takes only 1 Hour for charging from 5% to 75%. So this is going to be very good feature if you are planning to buy Huawei Honor 8.


Bacause i m I phone user before,I have found very good battery life with Huawei honor 8,As Iphone 5S has 1500mAh li-Polymer battery and Honor 8 has 3000mAh Li-Polymer battery. If you are heavy user then it will last up to 10-12 Hours which is quite more than Iphone.

I have used this phone with full charged condition and used it with all heavy apps like Games, Facebook and YouTube also and i am satisfied with this.

So guys these are best quality in Huawei Honor 8 which may help you if you are going to buy this phone.

Now i am going to tell you about its cons,which i have found after 1 week of heavy use.

1.Glass On Back Is Not Scratch Proof:

As i have mentioned before that it has very good design and have very good quality glass but, only after on week of use i found some scratches on my phone’s back. It is very frustrating because Glass is main thing which i love the most and after scratch it loose its beauty.

I am suggesting you that buy tempered glass if it is available online or you can use scratch guard for back. Back case is good option but it will make it very dull.

2.Performance On Heavy Use:

As huawei is featured with 4GB of RAM and Homemade Kirin 950 SoC ,I found some issues when you are using phone continuously for watching video on Youtube or playing game online as 8 Ball Pool, It gets little hot on its back camera side and also Application which you are using gets off several time. You need to restart that app second time.

So this is a very big disappointment i have found from Huawei Honor 8, Overall performance for this phone is very good.

It has very good sound quality which is enough louder and on 3.5mm Jack it has great quality of sound also. It has FULL HD display which has very good quality with 1280 x 1920 pixels ratio.

Thanx for reading this,Stay connected with us for more Reviews like this.











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