Google Might Launch 1443 PPI AMOLED VR Display in May 2018

If you know, then back in December Google has teased a VR Display with 10x more pixels then other available VR display. According to a new report, Google will launch this VR display in May this year.

In detail, New Google VR display will have a 4.5-inch screen with 18MP (1443 PPI, probably around 5500×3000) resolution with 120Hz refresh rate. This will be more than 2 times better pixel density VR display than other VR panels available in the market today.

There are no details about partner manufacturer of Google, they may be Samsung or LG who was able to produce a 1,200 PPI AMOLED in March 2017. Google may reveal more detail about this VR display in May, or it may launch a second-gen DayDream VR headset will come equipped with it.


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