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Apart from providing active tech news articles, TechEnroll is interested in finding out and helping those talented students who want to pursue their careers in the gaming field and make their dream come true.

About Gaming Scholarship Program

At the present time, gaming has become tremendously popular and the gaming industry has become a huge money-making market for many investors. Though, game development is not an easy task and developing unique games need a good technical experience. Roblox Simulator, PUBG, GTA 5, Mystic Messenger Emails, Episode Mod APK, Cookie Clicker Cheats, and Dream League Soccer are all time trending games.

Game development is a very different concept from the out-dated app development process because it allows you to combine technologies, talent, imagination, and creativity into one, to give the user the best gaming experience. Many young and talented students are very keen to build their careers in the gaming field. 

Many times the students who have a lot of passion for gaming are not able to learn gaming courses due to lack of resources. We at TechEnroll, a leading tech news company are actively committed to helping such talented students to achieve the scholarship and pursue their careers in the gaming industries.

Eligibility criteria

To successfully apply the gaming scholarship the Applicants-

  • Should be an undergraduate student.
  • Have achieved a minimum of 18 years of age by the start of the program.
  • Is either a high school or secondary school graduate or equivalent.
  • Have accomplished an overall CGPA of 3.9 or higher.
  • Have successfully completed at least one semester of college or university courses.
  • Be citizens of Canada, us, Australia or permanent residents
  • Should not be a dropout.
  • Must show interest in continuing education in the gaming industry
  • Must have not received the TechEnroll gaming scholarship previously

Steps to apply for the gaming scholarship program

If you are interested in applying for the gaming scholarship program, you must have to follow some rules mentioned below

  • TechEnroll reserves the right to verify the details provided by applicants to us including the applicant’s name, academic institution, student ID number, student courses and more.
  • The TechEnroll student’s scholarship review committee holds the panel of the expert team which has the sole authority to choose scholarship candidates.
  • We will provide the gaming scholarship only once however the previous applicants are eligible to re-apply for the same
  • The applicants must agree to provide their photo and award details shared on the website of TechEnrol.
  • TechEnroll will automatically disqualify the applicants who are found to deliver information that is false or has copyright issues.
  • TechEnroll reserves a full right to amend the rules and regulations regarding the gaming scholarship program at any time

Important Notice

This is to inform all the gaming Scholarship Programme’s Applicants that please do not message or call on the number mentioned on our website. Because we have a distinct team for the Scholarship program who takes care of all of your queries. For any queries related to scholarship drop a note

Contacting on call or other emails apart can leave a negative impact on your application.

Other important details about the Scholarship Program

  • The winners of the scholarship will be chosen by a board of experts from TechEnroll The scholarship amount of $5000 will be awarded every year
  • Winners have to give consent with regards to publishing their photo and award details on the TechEnroll website.


Please go through the following terms and conditions before applying for our gaming scholarship program

To successfully apply the scholarship, the applicants must meet all the below mentioned criteria-

  • Submit a completed and signed application cover sheet 
  • Submit a completed and signed statement of the financial status
  • Each section of the application form must be completed in full by the student to be eligible for scholarship consideration.
  • Submit a written recommendation from two authorities like employers, professors, and community readers
  • A letter of description stating the academic goals of the applicant 
  • Write and submit a 500-1000 word typed article on the following topics-
  • The recent trend of the Gaming industry.
  • Youth from low-income groups of color don’t have access to safe areas for physical activities.
  • Steps required by an Adult on National, community and personal level to overcome such situations.
  • The article once completed must be mailed to Richard@techenroll
  • The graduate applicant must provide o copy of official documents for graduate course work.
  • The undergraduate applicants must provide official documents of the college work to accrue 50 units.
  • The applicants must know that all the submitted applications will be officially reviewed bt the TechEnroll Students scholarship review committee. The final selected student will be called for the face-to-face interview.
  • The announcement of the winners of our gaming scholarship is made on 31 January every year.