Car Mobile Phone Stand From Remax for only Rs.1176

If you are a person who travels a lot by car, then definitely you have already faced the problem of holding a smartphone in the car while your phone is in charging and you are on GPS. I have best solution for you which can help you in holding your phone very smoothly on your car’s dashboard.

car mobile phone stand

Remax smartphone holder is the best gadget available in the market, for smartphone charging in the car, or you can use it has a phone stand while you are on GPS. A simple smartphone holder is not enough because it can not hold the phone on the dashboard of the car on off-road driving. Every time I have to adjust the grip of the stand.

Remax Car Mobile Phone Holder Specifications.

Remax Car Mobile Phone Stand is made of Silicon, which can place it anywhere on your car’s dashboard. Because of its magnetic adsorption, It can place on any kind of surface. It has holes on its surface, where you can place two stands which will hold your phone. You can adjust the width of a stand with this holes provided on the surface, so if you have a phone with big screen up to 7-inch, it will give you perfect hold.

car mobile phone stand

There are lots of smartphone holder available in the market, but they all come with a suction cup, which you place on the dashboard or windshield. Then the arm of the stand used to set the position of your phone. I have used these types of stand in my car, but the surface of the suction cup starts losing grip on the dashboard because of dust.

car mobile phone stand

This product will give you a very long life holding process, because it doesn’t come with any suction cup. Another side, normal phone holder comes with an arm with two stands that is connected with a spring with each-other, that spring also starts loosing its grip in some time. In this stand holes on its surface holds two arms which hold your phone easily.

Below is the official website of this stand from Remax, you can see the complete process there.

It will come with two way USB 3.O port, with cable, where you can connect your car charging pin or you can directly use this as only stand.

At the end, if you want a best smartphone holder for your car, which you can use for charging also, then Remax Car Mobile Phone Stand is best product.

Remax RC-FC1 Car Mobile Phone Stand Price and Availability:

The all new Remax Car Mobile Phone Stand is available on Gearbest at only Rs.1164 with free shipping in India.

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