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Blackview BV7000 Pro is latest rugged phone from Blackview with Best features from all above rugged models,As we hear name of Blackview we just think of waterproof rugged IP68 phone which shows its best experience in making rugged phones.

Below is  Indepth technical review of Blackview BV7000 Pro,which mainly contains its detailed specification and some pro and crons features from our experts.

Blackview BV7000 Pro Key Features

  • Display Size: 5.0 inch FHD Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen
  • Camera: Back Camera 13.0MP with AF and flashlight + Front Camera 8.0MP
  • RAM: 4GB RAM
  • CPU: MTK6750 1.5GHz Octa Core
  • Battery: 3500mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Dimension: 153 x 78.9 x 12.6 mm

Official Pics Of Blackview BV7000


1.IP68 Certified

As Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge both are IP68 certified,Blackview BV7000 Pro has same rating and certification.

Blackview BV7000 pro is designed with high level water proof IP rating,IP68 certification which allow user a tough experience.

What do IP67 and IP68 actually mean?

Most modern smartphones have these certifications attached depending on how resistant they are to the elements; dust particles and water, but what do the ratings stand for?

IP – This stands for the International Protection marking, a standard drawn up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

6 – The first digit stands for its resistance to dust, but also general dirt and sand. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 earned a ‘6’ rating for “No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight)” following an 8-hour test.

7 – The second digit provides certification for water resistance.

A 7 rating ensures “ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1m of submersion)” according to the IEC.

While a 7 rating guarantees protection for up to 30 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy S7 received an 8 certification for water resistance, meaning it can be underwater for 30 minutes at depths of up to 1.5m.

2.Corning Gorila Glass 3:

Extra toughness added with its glass which is featured with 3rd generation Corning Gorila Glass,Yet very high sensitive touchscreen which allow user perform even with gloves.

3.3500Mah Battery Backup:

As Blackview Bv7000 Pro is designed for all tough condition,it has also huge power pack battery with 3500Mah,with 3500Mah battery it allows user  5V/2A fast charging facility with 624H of standby time,9H HD video watching,and 19H talktime which is enough for even rough use.

4.Good Design:

Blackview BV7000 Pro has CNC Metal frame with exact finishing which feels much better,It is made with very tough material which provide very strong protection.

Blackview BV700 Pro has great protecting lens for its back camera which is coated by blue film which keep camera glass clean from dust and fingerprint.

5.Value For Money:

Blackview BV7000 Pro costs 237USD on Amazon,which is economy price,As it has high performance specs as 4GB of Huge RAM and 64GB internal memory,So it is definitely value for money.

Now the main feature which is main part of our review:Performance

Blackview BV7000 Pro has MT6750T high performance CPU,which is powered by Octa-Core MT6750T chipset with consist of 4*Cortex with 1.5GHz which enables fast demanding operations,And also has other A-53 Cortex with 1.0GHz which is use for lower power consumption.

So BV7000 Pro provides faster operations with lower power consumption.

With 4GB of running space and 64GB memory room BV700 Pro never makes user down no matter when using apps or downloading big amount of  data or video,sufficient space perform smooth and faster.


Only one cons we defined as it has operating system with Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is gone old today,It should be Android 7.0 Nougat,As hoping update will release soon.


Brand And Model

  • Brand Name of the brand which manufactures the device.
  • Model Model name or number of the device.
    Blackview BV7000 Pro


  • Height
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Colors Information about the colors, in which the device is available in the market.
  • Body Material The material used in the fabrications of the device's body.

Network And Technology

  • Mobile Network Technology Information about types of mobile network used in the device. GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, and LTE, TD-LTE.
  • GSM
    SM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    WCDMA 900/2100MHz
  • LTE
    FDD-LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600


  • Display Size The mobile device is represented by the length of its diagonal which is measured in inches.
    5.0 inch
  • Display Type Whether the display is IPS or LED or OLED or AMOLED - It simplifies the type of the display used in the device.
  • Display Features Information about the features of the display such as Capacitive touch, multitouch etc.
    Capacitive,Multitouch,Scratch Resistance
  • Resolution Display resolutions show the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical side of the screen, higher the resolution is greater the details of the displayed content.
    1920 x 1080 (FHD)
  • Display Glass Whether display have protection like, Gorilla Glass or it is curved.
    Corning Gorilla Glass 3,IP68 Certified


  • Primary Camera Information about the rear camera of the device. Sensor type, image resolutions, video resolutions, Flash type and Video FPS.
  • Front Camera Information about the front side camera of the device. Image resolutions, Sensor type, Flash type, Video resolutions, Video FPS and other features.
  • Camera Features Information about additional software and hardware features of the primary and secondary camera, which improves its overall performance.
    Auto-focus,LED flash
  • Video List of some common video formats supported by the device.
    30 fps

Hardware and Software Details

  • Chip-Set The chip-set integrates different hardware components such as the CPU, GPU, memory, peripherals, interfaces, etc. As well as the software functioning.
  • Operating System Information about the operating system used by the device and its version.
    Android 6.0
  • CPU CPU is the Central Processing Unit or the processor of the device. Information about the type and cores of the processor used in the device.
    MTK6750 1.5GHz Octa Core
  • GPU GPU is Graphical Processing Unit. Information about GPU type, Cores and Frequency.
    Mali T860MP2


  • RAM information about the RAM capacity, type, channels and its frequency.
  • Internal Memory Information about the capacity of the inbuilt storage of the device. Sometimes some of the devices have a different variation in the terms of internal storage.
  • Card Slot Information about the expandable storage of the device
    TF card up to 32GB


  • 3.5mm Jack Information, whether the device is having a 3.5mm audio jack
  • Speakers Information about number of speakers and types of speaker used in the device.
  • Simulated Surround


  • Bluetooth Bluetooth is a standard for secure wireless data transfer between two Bluetooth enabled devices over short distances.
    Bluetooth 4.0.


  • USB Information about connector type, version, and features of the USB used in the device.
    Type-C USB


  • Wi-FI Information about frequency and capacity of the Wi-Fi signals.
    802.11a/b/g/n wireless internet


  • Traking/Positioning Information about positioning and navigation technologies supported by the device.
    GPS, A-GPS


  • Sensors Information about the type of the sensors used in the device.
    Ambient Light Sensor, E-Compass, Geomagnetic Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor


  • Browser Information about some features and standards supported by the browser of the devices.


  • Battery Capacity The capacity of the battery shows the maximum charge, which it can store, measured in mili-Ampere hours.
  • Type The battery type is determined by its structure and more specifically by the chemical used in it. There are different battery types available, where some of the commonly used batteries are Li-Ion and Li-Polymer.

Specific Absorption Rate

  • SAR US This SAR rating and shows the maximum and highest level of the exposure to electromagnetic radiation taken when the device is placed near to ear. The applicable limit for the US is 1.6 W/Kg per 1g of tissue. In the US the FCC tests and sets the SAR limits of the all mobile devices, which are controlled by the CTIA.
  • SAR EU This SAR rating and shows the highest level of the exposure to electromagnetic radiation taken when the device is placed near to ear. The applicable limit for the EU is 2 W/Kg per 10g of tissue. The standards follow the ICNIRP Guidelines 1998 as well as the IEC standards and are determined by the CENELEC.


  • Sim Card Type Information about the type and size of the SIM card used in the device.
  • No Of Sim Information about the SIM card quantity that can use in the device.

Releases & Availibility

  • Released & Available Information about the availability of the device in the market and its launch date.

Extra Features

  • Extra Features If the device have any extra features which is unique among all other phones.
    3G,4G,Alarm,Bluetooth,Browser,Calculator,Calendar,Fingerprint recognition,Fingerprint Unlocking,GPS,MP3,MP4,People,Video Call,Wi-Fi,Camera,Waterproof

 Final Words:

Blackview BV700 Pro has extra quality performance and great features for camera and its display,which is also  certified with IP68 rating and has huge toughness,Overall at this price this is very good smart phone,It has all ability with its economy price.

You  can provide us your opinion at bottom of this post by giving rating for  its features.Also stay connected with us for more news and reviews by subscribing us.







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  2. The corner of the Jesy j9s stick out, making a good hook for the user. we can easily move even with such a huge device, without feeling uncomfortable.

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