Best Free Games That Don’t Need Wifi – No Wifi Zone

Best Free Games That Don’t Need Wifi – No Wifi Zone

1. Hungry Shark Evolution

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Have you seen that movie Sharkando? or any other Shark movie? Where Shark destroys almost all things which comes to their way. Ubisoft Entertainment has developed a game with the same concept where you have to play a role of Hungry Shark and you have to eat other creatures or to be eaten by others. The best part of this game is, that you can play this game without Wi-fi or internet connection. So if you are at somewhere with no Wi-fi or connectivity option, then play this game, it worths your time.

In this game you have to eat small fishes and humans also, but you have to avoid some bigger predators. There are too much challenges you can face in this game where you can get collection points to get much strength. I bet you that once you play this game, you will play this game every time you will get free. 

2. Jetpack Joyride:

no wifi games

If you are an arcade game player, then you will love this game to kill your time whenever you are out of data or Wi-fi zone. You have to survive as long as you can in this game with endless scrolling run and collect the coins.

I bet you, to play this game in your free time and you will never play another game, and because it is Wi-fi free game, you can play it anywhere you want.

3. Subway Surfers

no wifi games

If you are a person who plays games not very often, yet I m sure that you have played this game before. After Temple Run, this game is the best game and one of the most played games on Android. This game also doesn’t require any Wi-fi or data connection to play. 

4. Badlands

no wifi games

If you are an adventure loving person, and you want a game full of adventure where you can fly and have to pass all obstacles and stops, then Badlands will give you thriller experience without any Wifi or data connection. 

It is a side scrolling adventure tour in 2D, where you have to cross all physical puzzles as well as some unique challenges, that make your connection more powerful throughout the game. 

5. World of Goo

no wifi games

A game developed by “2D Boy” name World of Goo, will give you extraordinary experience with its best and puzzle through some unique concept. 

However, the game was last updated on 8th January 2014, but still, it is one of the best offline game you will ever play. With 1,000,000 plus download on Google Play store World of Goo still in the heart of all gamers out there. 

6. 3D Pool Ball

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If you are a pool player, or want to start play pool, then this game will give you clear beginner level experience and knowledge about the game. I am a big fan of this game, i have learned many thing from this game that actually improved my skills of playing actual Pool. 

Of course, this is a online game, but there is a offline mode where you can play this game and learn some actual shots and basic rules of this game. 

7. Contract Killer 2

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If you like action games where you can play a role like a detective or a killer that kills people, then Contract Killer 2 is the game for you. You will get a mission to kill a number of people, where you have to take responsibility to not kill innocent people.

Mission in starting are very easy, but after some levels you will get decent missions where you have to achieve your mission with different weapons and gadgets. 

8. Cut the Rope

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The game gives you an amazing experience of cuteness, where you have to cut a rope in a manner, that the fruit from that rope goes directly into the mouth of little hungry Omnom. With beautiful colors in this game’s theme you will enjoy your part time to kill on this game. 

There are hundreds of game available on Google Play which you can play without Wi-fi or any data network. In this list i have added some of best games that help you to kill your free time and worth your time. If you have any questions regarding this list then please ask through the comment box. 

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