This year PUBG launched its April Fools ‘joke ahead of time, and it’s a doozy one. Fantasy Battle Royale is a gamemode based on a third-person squad where you play as classes from D&D-esque fantasy games, including a wizard or a barbarian. As you can’t really find chainmail on Erandel, though, these groups are creatively-assembled from what they could find lying around — for example, the shield of the paladin is a trash can cover, and the sword of the barbarian is a repurposed saw.

PUBG Corp noted in the announcement that the profoundly felt effect of the coronavirus epidemic has forced it to consider whether to go ahead with this lighthearted mode or not. Although the team eventually chose to continue with it, they made all the exclusive items earnable by playing alone for this game, as the game gives “money” you use to purchase this limited-time loot. You can purchase them at daily shop as well.

These matches would be quick and aggressive, according to the statement, with the so-called “blue-zone” going far quicker than in normal matches. Each of these classes also has special weapons with the Mendingstar of the paladin healing your allies when you whack them, and the Kick-Ash Longsword of the barbarian increases the pace of movement with every strike. The Fantasy Battle Royale special event will run from April 1 through April 7.

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