Android 9.0 Pi the latest version details leaked


People just got familiar with Android 8.0 Oreo and now latest version of Android 9.0 Pi leaked by XDA Developer. he found this information on the AOSP given by Google.


The name or codename of the upcoming Android will be “Pi” , according to the Mishall Rahman. The choice of the codename doesn’t really come at a surprise, given the history of the earlier Android systems being named after food or deserts by Google.

There was a major issue of fragmentation in the Android 9.0 version, to solve that Google started the Project Treble. But according to the news this project mode of Google was not appreciated by some major mobile phone manufacturers. So at last Google has decided to integrate this latest Android 9.0 with the project Treble mode.

The of the main advantage to this project treble is,allow developers to make changes in their system as per their needs and also allowing the OEM manufacturers to provide the latest system updates for their exclusive devices, so if the phone supports the mode then the system will be updated automatically.

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